Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So, how can I best explain my transition to all you lovelies whom I adore? First, I want to say how much I appreciate all of the support, comments, and interest in visiting me in my homeland. I feel so loved! Which is probably the reason why I find myself in the place I do now. My Madison and farming adventure has taken an unexpected twist and I will be moving onto new adventures sooner than I anticipated. Although it has not played out how I thought it would, this is been an incredible and worthwile experience for me - allowing me to gain insight about myself, my needs, and what I need to be happy in a working relationship.

So, I am leaving an incompatible environment (details can be shared over drinks, if desired), embracing my liberty, and moving in a new direction for myself. I feel wonderful, I feel empowered - I am a woman of my own destiny! and it's exhilarating! You should try it. :)

What next you say? Well, for the past weekend I have been thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle of a Madison East sider. How shall I describe this life? Bicycles, local beer, superb espresso, gardens, delicious food, wonderful friends. That pretty much sums it up. It's delightful.

Tomorrow I will be venturing in a northernly direction to Viroqua, Wisconsin - to visit a farm and a friend. Followed by a reunion and birthday celebration with some beautiful friends in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Saturday, I will again traverse the state to find myself in the Milwaukee area, and will celebrating with my little Bride-to-be the only way that makes sense - with endless margaritas & taco bar, of course.

My journey will commence in Port Washington, Wisconsin, the literal place of my birth. It is here where I will be living and working for a yet to be determined amount of time. Thanks to the help of my wonderful cousin, (I love you, cousin!) I have a barista job all lined up at the Java Dock in Port. I am super excited to immerse myself here and see what community looks like here these days. I know there are lots of wonderful people to meet and caffeinate.

As for the farmer in me, I plan on expressing my desire to grow food, care for earth&people, and practice permaculture on various projects at the Wisinski Homestead with my Dad, install a garden for the (soon to be) newlyweds, and help other friends and family on projects as needed.

So, there's my update! Weren't expecting that one, were ya? I will add a note on visitors to this great land...you are all still welcome to visit! Location has changed, but I am sure that if you decide to make the trek to Southeastern Wisconsin you will be pleasantly surprised at its appeal! My parents have lots of space for tents in their yard, beach access, AND a hot tub. So. Think about it!

Much, much love to all of you. I hope that your own life adventures find you in as high of spirits as mine find me. And if not, I implore you, if you are sitting in a place you don't love and don't want to deal with, then take a new direction and embrace the adventures that await you!