Wednesday, May 19, 2010

loving the farm life.

Two weeks in and there's much to love about my farming escapade so far. So to update...ten reasons I love my job:

It's low-key and low stress.
I roll out of bed, throw on any old clothes, make coffee, eat breakfast and am at work. Also, since I am at home, lunch is a great time for baking breads or hanging laundry out to dry.

I hang out with plant friends.
What wonderful friends they are. and cute. and tasty. I'm especially excited for the microgreens we've got sprouting up! They're so so lovely. They will be a wonderful addition to our market next weekend.

lettuce, basil, parsley, spinach, radish, clover

radish! mmmm, spicy.

I grow delicious food! and eat delicious food!
Right now it's asparagus, rhubarb, spinach, lettuce mix, green garlic - plus fresh eggs every day. I have
so many recipes I am excited to try out - what with my lovely friend Suzanne's new food blog, Food with Fervor, my newly discovered SmittenKitchen (thank's Melissa!), and The Garden of Vegan cookbook from the library. Last weekend I made leek and spinach quiche with green garlic, gouda, and organic herbs de provence (thanks to Herbs&Spice in Cincy). It's a quick and easy breakfast to get me going in the morning, not to mention tasty and satisfying.

garden greens, quiche, and local wild rice bread from Honey Bee Bakery

almond rhubarb coffee cake

I go to the farmer's market every Sunday morning.
I just can't get over this! I love going to the farmer's market and now I get to be on the other side of the table. It's such a vibrant community scene! I love talking to everyone about food while I drink my coffee in the sunshine.

I recruit - and it's fun!
I am privileged to recruit locals for buying a share in this farm. i.e. engaging in a farmer/consumer partnership. I want to be your farmer. :)

It's in Wisconsin. !!!
Need i say more? No, but I will anyway. I'm grateful to be living in a place I have visited many times, but never dwelled in. I look forward to experiencing and exploring Wisconsin's capitol city. It's also wonderful being less than 90 miles from home and family. <3

I am participating in building local, sustainable food systems.
And that my friends, is bad ass. It's such a crucial, crucial endeavor to be part of. I LOVE it.

It's weather dependent.
Everything, everything is linked to the weather, the season - it's all about watching the patterns. Some days we work in the sunshine, other days (like today) we are stompin' around in the mud.

It's active!
My body is working, moving, stretching, sitting, standing, bending, kneeling, crawling (in the dirt). My body works! It's good to be alive!

Needs lovin'.
The only thing that could be better about my job would be if all my loves were here with me. Cincy, Nashville, Montpelier, Florida, etc., etc.


If you think you need some lovin' then come to the farm! Some farm lovin' with tasty, fresh eggs for breakfast and lots of pleasantries await you.


  1. def need some farm, carrie, good ol wisconsin lovin... july? whatchu thaank (think)?

  2. Hey Carrie, good post, lots of great things to love...I love reading this, drooling over the food and seeing the pictures. I don't get why your microgreens are so far along when the lettuces you planted here just came up? They really look beautiful. Miss you!

  3. Hi-ya Granny!
    This one's easy: they're already up because they are in the greenhouse! And when first seeded we put plastic covers over them to make a mini greenhouse. I think I may do a microgreen post once we harvest them, giving our step by step process.